Sunday Photo Fiction – Fighting Fires

Barbara couldn’t help but notice the way the weather looked as she vacuumed her living room. Way off in the distance, she could just barely make out the flames of the forest fire they had been called out to. She knew the weather didn’t bode well for her husband and the rest of the hotshots. She could only hope the weather didn’t get too much worse or the boys would be in for a terrible time.

Barbara had thought about asking Jeff to sit this one out. She had had a bad feeling and didn’t want him to go. In the end she had swallowed her concerns and let him go… No way she could hold him back from something that was so much a part of him. As he left to “go to work”, Barbara could only pray for him and the rest of the guys, pray for their safety, pray for the quick cessation of the fires they were trying to fight.

Now, as she looked out the window, Barbara prayed once more for her husband and for the rest of the crew.

The above story was inspired by the following photo.

And was written for the Sunday Photo Fiction 


4 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction – Fighting Fires

  1. You got that in with little time to spare lol.

    I like where you went with that one. You can feel the fear in her for her husband. I like that you called them Hotshots. I did look it up to see if it was an actual group, which it is. Specifically for fighting wildlife fires. Great story.

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    1. Yeah, I did cut it close, didn’t I :/P. Thank You for reading. Yep, the hotshots are a real group :-). Here in AZ we have the Yarnell 19 (hotshots) – some or all of which died in the Yarnell Fire of 2013 (happened the same year that we moved here to Arizona).

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      1. It did put the area in turmoil (I’m actually not from that area but not far from). There was quite a stir in the area “news-wise” in regards to the LODD deaths related to the fires. I didn’t follow the whole thing and only got bits & pieces.


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