FFfAW Challenge – In The Wrong Hands 

Izzy scooted along the ground through the tall grass searching for the stone, wanting to find it before someone stumbled upon it and it ended up in the wrong hands. Even in the wrong hands of an otherwise innocent person the stone could be dangerous even deadly.

Ahead of her Izzy heard voices and stopped, holding her breath, and waited – willing the others to leave the area. Unfortunately her abilities to control others in this way were weak at best – Not something she had much chance to practice since it was an ability she only ever used when extreme measures warranted… Such as now. Finally, the group of people left the area, commenting that they felt that therevwad another area more interesting to explore.Continuing her search, Izzy finally located the stone. As she picked it up, it began to glow a soft warm green in her hand.

Written for FFfAW Challenge-Week of December 6, 2016 – Unfortunately I couldn’t add the “inspiring” photo for this challenge.  

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