Friday Fictioneers: Dangerous Storm

Photo Credit: Lucy Fridkin for explicit use of Friday Fictioneers

Jason looked at the sky then over to his partner Roger who also had an eye on the sky. Sure, the sky looked beautiful and peaceful enough, but despite the beauty, they knew that a dangerous storm was brewing. Instantly, there minds went to sisters Angelica and Rene, one of whom was expecting.
“Don’t worry dude,” Roger assured, she’ll be fine. She’s a smart gal. Besides Angelica’s with her so she’s in good hands.

Jason nodded. Still, he felt that much better when they started heading code 3 – Lights & Sirens down the road towards his house.

This is written for Friday Fictioneers hosted, each week, by Rochelle Weisoff-Fields.  Write a complete story in 100 words inspired by the given photo.

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