2 Minute Write – 

2 Minute Write

Jennifer searched the (gateway) looking for the new friends she had made online just a couple years earlier.

“Just look for the tallest dude in the area along with the most petite little thing,” she had been told a few days earlier when she had talked to Robert.

“Excuse me,” Jennifer said approaching a couple that seemed to meet the description.    “Robert?  Tabitha?”

“Jennifer!!” the young lady squealed in delight, hugging her,  “I can’t believe you’re finally here”

Jennifer hugged Tabitha back then turned to say hello to robert, giving him a quick hug as well.  It was then that she noticed another guy standing with them.

“You must be Mark,” Jennifer said,  “I’ve heard so much about you.”  

“Yes Ma’am”. Mark replied, “That would be me.”