#WritingChallenge: FFfAW – January 31, 2017 

Running a week late (my apologies).  Been kind of MIA lately.  Been dealing with some family stuff (I’ll spare you the boring details) as well as trying to get a few things done…  So here’s my story for last week’s challenge (new one comes up tomorrow, I believe).  Be sure and check out Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

The photo to inspire us:

And my story….

Molly watched out her kitchen window as her young son, Jason, splashed about in the puddles created by the latest downpour. “So carefree,” she thought.

Molly wanted to capture that moment. She knew it would soon be coming to an end. Soon she’d have to tell her son that they would have to leave their home. With Jason’s father leaving in the middle of the night, a note on her bedside table saying he just couldn’t take being husband and a father anymore, Molly knew there was no way they could continue to stay where they were at. They would have to move – to where she had no idea.

Molly picked up her phone and snapped a picture of her son as he continued to splash, then with a sigh she called her son inside.


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