A 5 Line Story – Breather

“Phewww”. Margaret thought taking a deep breath as she wiped the sweat collecting on her forehead.  She knew that cleaning up the studio she had bought would be hard work.  She hadn’t realized it would be this hard.

Giving her back a quick stretch to get the kinks out,  Margaret got back to work scrubbing the walls. To remove years of dirt and grind.

A loud knock against the door got Margarets attention.  Looking up, she saw a uniformed officer standing in the door.  “Ohh Hi officer,” Margaret said, “Is everything okay?”  

“Sure is.  Just stopping by to check on things here.”  The officer replied.  “Ohhh,” he continued, “We’re doing a coffee chat at the coffee house down the street if you’re interested”

“Sure,” Margaret answered as she set her scrubbing pad down and removed the work apron she had been wearing.  “I could use a breather from all this scrubbing and hard work.”

Responding to Patricia’s 5 Line Story challenge – featuring the world “Breather”


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