Story for Random Michelle’s Photo Fiction prompt #77

Kathryn peaked through the blinds, being careful not to make any unnecessary movements or open the blinds to far, looking to see if the black sedan was still outside.

“Please Lord,” she whispered in desperation when she saw that the car was still out there, “Make him go away”. But Kathryn knew Bill wouldn’t just leave. Already he had been sitting outside more than half an hour, despite her friends insistence that she had not seen Kathryn in several days. Bill could be quite stubborn like that when he wanted to be.

Glancing into the other room, Kathryn could see that her baby was still sound asleep. Kathryn offered up another quick prayer that little William would stay asleep for now. Soon enough she’d have to wake him up to buckle him into his carseat in the car which Kathryn had been smart enough to park in her friend’s garage earlier. Everything was loaded and ready to go. The only thing to do now was wait till it was safe to leave. God only knew how long that might be. Thankfully William was still sound asleep.

Another quick glance told her Bill was still outside. With a gasp she realized he was, once again heading for the front door. Catherine quickly retreated to the safety of the other room, from her perch by the window.

“I believe you were told she isn’t here”. Kathryn heard her friend’s husband bellow. “Now I suggest you leave before I call the cops”. She heard Bill utter an expletive followed by the sound of the front door slamming. Moments later an engine revved and took off. Kathryn breathed a sigh of relief.

“You should be safe to leave now”. Harold said after awhile.

300 words exactly


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