2 Minute Write – Perhaps you should come in.

My 2 Minite story:  {Doing this from my iphone using the 1 finger touch-type method πŸ˜‚}.

“Are you okay?” Jason asked with concern, noticing that Megan was suddenly looking pale.

Megan nodded slightly, “I think so.”

“You sure?” Jason asked, not completely convinced, resting his hand against Megan’s arm as she began to sway a bit… “Perhaps you’d better come on and sit down a bit”.

Yeah, I think maybe you’re….

Megan never got the rest of the sentence out… Suddenly her legs were buckling out from underneath her.  Jason’s quick reaction keeping her from collapsing to the ground as he caught her mid-fall.

“Hey Roger, Mark, get in here now!” Jason called into the station as he carried Megan in lying her gently on the floor.


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