The Sounds of Beautiful Music (FFfAW)

Photo Credit: Mike Vore

It had been years since Kathy had sat down at a piano. Years since an accidental blow to the head had messed up her hearing. She knew how to play, knew how to make beautiful music at the keys of a piano, but since the accident the attempts made to play sounded hideous to her ears. So much so that she had stopped playing the sounds of her own playing tortuous to her ears. A recent surgery was to fix her hearing and change all that.

Nervously Kathy removed the cover from the piano. Sitting down on the bench, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Trembling fingers hit one key then another… The sounds of beautiful music, like she remembered from before, filled the air. Faster and faster her fingers flew across the keys as joy & happiness at the sounds of music filled her heart.

Join Joy for this week’s Flash Fiction for the Aspiring Writer – Week of March 07 – 13


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