Perserverence and Faith

A ladder to the moon… A ridiculous idea they scoffed. No one had faith, no one believed it could be done. But she would have the last laugh when she proved them all wrong. It just took work – hard work, perseverance, and lots and lots and lots of faith. Each time doubt crept into her mind she would look up and imagine herself climbing her ladder all the way to the moon. She would imagine herself laughing at all the naysayers and doubters.

Slowly, bit by bit the ladder reached towards the moon. People began to flock, looking on with surprise and shock. No one was ridiculing now as they looked on in surprise. Some now offered to help wanting a part in the building of tremendous ladder but she politely shook her head. They had not believed in her or her dream before, why should she let them have a part in her venture now that it was obviously a reality. She would do this on her own without the help of others.

A little more, just a few more steps, and her ladder was complete…. She had finished her ladder to the moon. With a smile and a wave she stood on the moon and pushed the ladder away, letting it crash to the ground below. “Let them build their own ladder” she thought. That was if they had the gumption and ability to truly believe it could really be done.

The ladder lays where it had fallen, a reminder of what happens when you don’t believe.No one heard from or saw her again and for years no one else ever tried to build a ladder to the moon, no one had the perseverance or the faith to believe it could be done….

One step at a time, a ladder was built, a ladder to the moon.

Photo Fiction #80

Inspired by this photo:


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