FFfAW: Under Our Spell

Running late but here’s my Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers story inspired by this photo:

Quietly, at first, the music played. A soft mournful tune. People flocked to listen not knowing the reason why. They only knew they could not stop. The music entranced them as it entrapped them, the tempo increasing faster and faster still maintaining the mournful melody. Lights flickered and flashed spinning faster and faster as the tempo increased.
“Do you think we have them under our power now?” The Young One asked. “Yes” replied The Old One, “I believe we do.” “A Job well done.” admitted The Ancient. Something he rarely did.

“So what will become of them?” The Young One wanted to know.

“We will make them our slaves to do our bidding.” replied The Ancient. “They will serve us well, I’m sure.”


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