#100WW – Week 23: Oppressive Air

The street was darker than usual as Rosinda made her way towards the Diner where she worked the night shift.

The lights from the sign flickered off and on as she reached for the door. The air felt odd somehow, oppressive. For a moment she considered leaving.

Giving herself a mental shake, Rosinda opened the door. She then noticed the immaculate, well dressed man sitting at one of the booths watching her as if he was familiar with her. And yet she had never seen him before. Nonetheless, she somehow she felt drawn to him.

“Rosinda, can you get table 11”

The above story was written for 100 Word Wednesday using the below photographImage Credit Jesse Williams

Sunday Photo Fiction – Am Not

Here is my story for the Sunday Photo Fiction Inspired by the following photo:


“Check-Mate”. John replied as he moved his Knight.

“NO FAIR” Jasmine cried, you only won because you got the white pieces.

“What does that have to do with anything?” Jack wanted to know.

“Everyone knows that the clear pieces are Clear-Viewant, so you probably knew what I was going to do before I did it.

“Clairvoyant” Jack interrupted, and that’s silliness. There just stupid objects, nothing special about them.
“Then how did you know what I was going to do each turn?” Jasmine demanded.

“Because I payed attention to what you were doing. Besides, you’re so predictable when ever you play this game.”

“I am not” Jasmine pouted
“Sure you are, You always do the same exact moves every time we play”

“I DO NOT” Jasmine stomped her feet angrily….

“Alright kids, that’s enough.” Shaina yelled over the two squabbling kids. “It looks like the rain has finally let up. Why don’t the two of you head on outside and play for awhile while I make dinner”

“Bet I can beat you in a race,” Jack yelled as he ran outside.

“Can Not” Jasmine hollered back.”
“Can Too”

Shaina sighed as she got out the ingredients for dinner.

The Daughter He’d Never Know – What Pegman Saw writing prompt

Jasmine set the Daisies she had picked carefully down on Robert’s grave. Up ahead, she caught site of an elderly couple slowly walking along the gravesites. Every so often they would stop for a moment to look at one. The elderly women tenderly held the gentleman’s hand – her husband??

Jasmine’s thoughts went back to Robert. They were to be married upon his return to the states. Now that would never happen, nor would he ever get to know his daughter nestled safely in Jasmine’s womb.

A tear trickeld down Jasmine’s cheek. “I Love You” Robert she whispered.

Inspired by this photo from What Pegman Saw and the related Google – Street View