About Me

First, the name – Taini’s Writings.  I chose the name Taini because that was the name that my mother (who died when I was five)  derived my birth name from.  I thought about using Katinka which was her pet name for me (don’t ask – I don’t know & she isn’t around to ask), but it just didn’t have the write right ring to it.

the Writings because, well, first of all that’s what this blog is mostly about…  My “Writings” (admittedly most will probably be based on Challenges and Writing Prompts found on Word Press and other venues); My Thoughts on Writing (as well as things shared, with credit of course, from other sources; And Lastly, some book reviews (as I am able and the opportunities present themselves.  {Note:  I don’t claim to be a professional of any sort – editor, reader, etc – so please don’t come to me asking for any kind of professional advice}. Also because I hesitate to even all myself a writer (though numerous friends have told me that I “Write” therefore I am a Writer, even if I’ve never been published) and I sure as heck can’t call myself an author 😉

If I haven’t ran you off with the above admission, then please join me (coffee, tea, or beverage of choice in hand) on this Writing Journey.

Happy Writing and may the Muse be with you 🙂


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