Book Review — Paramedico by @BenjaminGilmour

This review is a long time coming.  A while back I had the opportunity to do an email interview of the author of Paramedico,  Benjamin Gilmour.

Paramedico Cover 1

In Paramedico, Benjamin Gilmour takes us on a journey into the world of how different ambulance services work around the world.

Go “Running with the Leopard in South Africa, wearing a bullet proof vest and traveling 200 km/hr in a late model Audi.  Transport the Shiek Abdullah Al Sabah to the cardiologist.  Try Rakija in Macedonia.  Deal with the aftermath of a monster tidal wave in Thailand.  Through it all Gilmour shows us what it’s like to ride and work on the various ambulance services throughout England, Africa, Thailand Iceland and so on.

If you haven’t read Paramedico, I suggest you do.  It is available online at Amazon (by clicking on the photo above)  or check your local library – you might just find it there,  I did.


Book Review — Becoming Bertha by @JaneCarroll10

So here it is Monday and I have yet to write my story for our Weekly Blog Hop —  Once again it seems I won’t be able to participate as time has not been my friend (If you’d like to check it out and, hopefully, participate you can check it out here)….  Another thing that has gotten away from me is my book reviews.  I have two books that I’ve been reading on lately.  One is Paramedico by Benjamin Gilmour…  The other,  Becoming Bertha by Jane Carroll (make sure to check out the Author Interview I did with Jane).

Cover Art Credit:  Cynthia Dendy
Cover Art Credit: Cynthia Dendy

For those of you who have not had the opportunity to check out Jane’s first book Bertha-Size Your Life, I suggest you do…  For those of you who have, you’re sure to enjoy reading more wisdom and witticism from the zany and crazy but incredibly smart and insightful Bertha as she helps Honey through life’s many struggles.

becoming bertha

Bertha continues to give her “soapbox” lectures in her own zany way, making Honey realize and see things in a new, unexpected and often very helpful way.  Each chapter brings a new situation that Honey must deal with and new insights from Bertha as to who how to deal with the situation at hand.


OHHH And while your at it head on over to Jane Carroll’s Author blog.  I know she (and Bertha) will appreciate and your sure to find lots of Bertha-isms and helpful hints for surviving this crazy journey we call life.

Thursday Review: Bertha-Size Your Life

Last month my review was on Soccer Tommies Baseball Mommies by G. Mitchell Baker with Jane Carroll.  This time I’m back with another book this time by Jane Carroll…..

Bertha-Size Your Life

Bertha is zany, even crazy, with her bright colors (lime green, bright purples, reds) and spontaneous ways but she definitely has some good bits of wisdom that she shares from her “soapbox”  or where ever else she can.  Pour yourself a cup of hot tea (maybe add a little something – as long as your not planning on driving)  and enjoy the wisdoms and witticisms of Bertha  as she provides chapter after chapter of helpful tidbits in all sorts of aspects of life.

Here are but a few of Bertha’s wonderful tidbits of advice:

A quirk of the human mind is to overlook the word ‘don’t’ in our vocabulary – We should concentrate on the things we truly want, rather than what we don’t want

Life is much more enjoyable when lived in balance

You can’t always count on other people to acknowledge you, even though sometimes they will.   You have to acknowledge yourself everyday for whatever you’ve accomplished, even baby steps you’ve taken.   There’s an easy way to do it too.   I call the whole process Bertha-Sizing Your Life.

Too many people wait for something to happen in their lives before enjoying what they have

Put away your worries for safekeeping

Enjoy these and many more…  Hurry and grab your copy of  Bertha-Size Your Life.  Click on the cover art below to order your copy.

Cover Art Credit:  Cynthia Dendy
Cover Art Credit: Cynthia Dendy

And while your at it, check out the next book in the “Bertha” series (by Jane Carroll)  Becoming Bertha

Cover Art Credit: Cynthia Dendy
Cover Art Credit: Cynthia Dendy

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and Check Out her Amazon Author Page:  Jane Carroll  To learn what other wonderful books Ms. Carroll has written…  Your sure to enjoy each and everyone 🙂


Thursday Review: Soccer Tommies, Baseball Mommies

After a long (unintended) break, I am back with my “Thursday Review”.  My goal is to try for a Review once a month (at the beginning of the month).  This month  my read was Soccer Tommies, Baseball Mommies by G Mitchell Baker with Jane Carroll.



Before I got around to reading this book my son, not quite 13 at the time, read it.  I had hoped to get him to do a brief review on what he thought of the book but was unable to get him to do so.  He did tell me that he liked the book (even though it wasn’t on a topic that really interests him – science, weather, chemistry, geology, vulcanology).

I, also, found this to be a great book.  It’s not just about sports and soccer and baseball, but about a town coming together after a major disaster hits.  It’s about learning to work together, about teamwork.

But it isn’t all rosebushes and clear skies.  When a tornado hits the town destroying one playing field, while leaving another untouched, tempers fly as a decision is made, by the mayor of the town, to share the untouched field by two different teams the “Dominion Daughters” Soccer Tommies (or Dom Dots) and the Pirate Baseball Mommies.

Will the two teams work out their differences?  A second disaster to the town of Belleville provides the answer in this adventure filled book for the young adult reader.

You can find Mr. Baker on the following Social Media Sites:

Ms. Carroll can be found on:

Thursday Review… A Long Time Coming: Racing The Reaper

I’ve had the pleasure of leaving a short review for “Racing the Reaper” and “Resuscitation” (both by Jerrid Edgington) on Amazon & Goodreads, as well as writing short review type blurbs on my one of my other blogs.  But I have not yet taken the opportunity to actually blog on my Thursday Review.
Cover Art by Rebbekah White
Of couse I should make the admission here that I might just be a tiny bit  prejudiced with this book.  After all the books in question are related to one of my most favorite subjects – Paramedicine…  I always love a good Emergency Medicine story 😉
That aside, Jerrid has done a wonderful job bringing you fully into the world of a Paramedic.  All the way from the beginning when Jacob, after a life altering accident, decides he wants to leave his office job and become an EMT through to his becoming a full-fledged paramedic.  Along the way,  Jacob deals with the ups and downs of the job. There are many twists and curves along the way as Jacob also deals with a stalker, with a shaky romance, and even a death of someone close.    You’ll just have to read the books for yourself to find out the excitements that await Jacob at every turn.
I look forward with, not so patient, anticipation to reading book three when it comes out (side note:  part of my Amazon Gift Card money is being held just for that specific purpose).
You can order both of Jerrid’s book’s Racing the Reaper  and the sequel:  Resuscitation on Amazon.  And follow his blog (Author Jerrid Edgington) for updates on book three in the series:  Reaper’s Requiem.

Thursday Review: Incantation

This Thursday my review is on a book called Incantation by Linda Bolton
Cover Art by Rebbekah White

What happens when  by the book, plan-it-out, journalist Christina Meyer does a piece on spontaneous, take chances magician Tristen Bane?  Do the sparks fly? Does Tristen ever plan on settling down?  Will Christina be willing to listen to her heart?  Will either be able to resist temptation?  Read Incantation and find out. I must say, I really enjoyed reading this book.  In all honestly, magic isn’t really my thing and my first thought was to pass this one up….  I’m glad that I didn’t and that I got the opportunity to read it.  I found myself unable (outside of the fact that my family screaming and yelling for my attention) to put my phone/kindle app down – for wanting to see what happened between Tristen and Christina.  Wanting to know would they get together or not and, if they did, would things between them work. out. Ms. Bolton has done an excellent job of combining the world of magic and romance.  I actually found myself enjoying the parts about Tristen and his magic, especially towards the end where he finds there is so much more than him than the dramatic, flair-filled, magic that he had been doing for so many years.  Magic that he was finding himself enjoying less and less (and yet always that invsible push to be better and better).  Through Ms. Bolton’s words you really get a feel for the characters Tristen Bane and Christina Meyers and what each is going through in their minds.  You see the struggles of each, especially Tristen as he deals with his own ghosts from his past.

 If you are at all into Magic, Romance  (or both) I suggest you give Linda Bolton’s Incantation a read…  Any maybe check out what other books she’s got out there.
{Note:  Rebbekah White also does art work for Indie Authors at}

“Thursday Review”… On a Friday

You’re probably wondering why my “Thursday Review” is being posted on A Friday…
For some reason when I went in to write my Thursday Review post  I couldn’t get in to my site…  In fact, I could get in to any part of WordPress (not even the main site (  I tried getting on this morning to no avail, but I’m finally able to get on and ready to write (though there still appears to be some glitches (like not having all my widgets showing and not being able to save to draft or preview post – I’m going on a wing & a prayer here that this posts okay).
I’ll be honest, this is my first real attempt at doing any kind of book reviews.  So here goes….
This week my “Thursday Review”  is a book that was recently launched through Master Koda Select Publishing called Ty the Bull (available on Amazon) by Rex Baughman, K.D. Emerson and Brenda Perlin.
Ty the Bull is about a boy named Ty who not only has to deal with his parent’s divorce but also being bullied at school.  Even kids that he thought were his friends turn against him. In desperation, and not knowing where to turn, Ty starts skipping school.  He meets a new boy along the way who gives him some helpful advice of how to handle the bullies by keeping them “off balance.”  I’ll let you read the book for yourself to see how it all works out.
I found Ty the Bull to be a very enjoyable book.  It gives hope to kids who are bullied that perhaps things can change for the better (and, perhaps, gives insight to those who might be the bully of how it makes the other side feel). Rex, with the help of Brenda and Kim, did an excellent job on this book.  I think it is one that should be read not only by all kids in upper elementary to middle school grades but should also by  those who work with children of those grades (including parents).
Stay tuned next week for my review on Incantation by Linda Bolton.