#CampNaNoWriMo was a flop for me this year

Well looks like this year was a complete flop for me in regards to Camp NaNoWriMo…  Both in terms of my word count and in terms  blogposting about the event….  I won’t say it was a complete fail since a complete fail would mean not even giving it a try at all.  So I’ll give myself the benefit of the doubt of having at least made the attempt not only at joining said “camp” for the second year but in attempting an actual ongoing story….

I have managed to get up to 4,880 words.  Doubting very much  I’ll make to my goal of 12,000 words in the next couple days.

Here’s a short excerpt from the story:

Jason desperately wanted to say something.  To remind her that she had once stopped by this very station many years ago when he had been little more than a rookie.  She had been working on article for a school paper and had stopped by to see if she could interview a couple of the guys there.  He had happened to be on duty that day.  Jason could still remember the surprise evident in Brenda’s eyes when he opened the door.  He, as well as a couple of the other guys, had answered her questions and then he had given her a quick tour of the station including the bay with engines & trucks.  His breath quickened as he remembered helping her down from the engine.  How she had felt sliding down the length of his body.  For a moment they had stood there staring at each other.  A tell-tale blush on Brenda’s cheek had indicated that she had felt the contact every bit as much as he had.  Whether from embarrassment or to save face, Brenda had quickly gone back to her reason for stopping by in the first place and Jason, once he had discreetly readjusted himself, had done the same leaving the incident unmentioned.


#CampNanoWriMo 2015 – Day Nine and Exerpt

Ended up spending the better part of yesterday out running errands  and such.  Had planned to spend a couple minutes writing in the early morning (but then I also planned on trying to add some more product to my on-line shops for NancyPolkArtist….  Yeah, that didn’t go so well, neither one.  Ended up getting into a bunch of other little projects that needed doing  Talk about “squirrel” 😛

Since I’m not logging the dates of what I write when, I don’t know exactly what day I wrote this.  I know it wasn’t yesterday (pretty sure it wasn’t) – I do know that was the last bit I wrote for story from just a couple days ago…. It hasn’t been that long since I last wrote, just seems like it 😉

Jason sat next to Brenda, on the edge of the bed, wondering to himself why he felt the need to comfort her.  Why he had felt the need to stay involved when he could have just as easily walked away after transporting her to the hospital.  It had been a number of years since he had last seen her and no doubt her life was a lot different than from when he knew her during her college days.  The only thing that made any kind of logical sense to him was that he just couldn’t leave her to deal with everything on her own.  Especially when she had no memory of who she was.  He had connected with her on some level during the time in which she was being extricated.  Even though she had no idea who he was, Brenda had seemed to respond to his presence, more so than she had anyone else on scene.

I know this quite rough….  If you have any advice or pointers for me please let me know..  Constructive Criticism is appreciative as long as you play nice 🙂

OK time to get back to the gazillion things I’ve got going on – Writing, Online shops, Planning FB party for Mary Kay, Writing.

Wishing you all an Awesome day and may the Muse be with You.

#CampNanoWriMo 2015 – Day Seven

I really should be spending this time writing on my Camp NaNo project (let’s see where am I at now – 2,748,.  Not much headway since yesterday), but at the same time, I should be getting through this stack of crap…. errrr…. paperwork that is piled up on my desk.  Making  what I’m sure is a huge mistake of multi-tasking between writing this blog, going through paperwork, and catching up on the twitter & facebook notifications from yesterdays Nutty Day…..

Enough distractions and procrastinations…  Time to get my ass in gear and get to work, including some serious writing.

#CampNanoWriMo 2015 – Day Five


Afraid I’m not off to a really good start with Camp NaNo this year.  By the end of today I should be at, let’s see…..  3.225 words and I’m only at, ummmmm….  2,140 words.  That means that in order to reach my goal of 20,000 words on time (by the end of July) I would need to log 662 words (instead of the 645 that it originally was) and that’s if I write/type each and every day….  At the rate I’m going (an average of not quite 500 words/day) I’ll be finishing up in the middle of August.

I seriously need to get some major writing in to get caught up…. But then I also have to head out to a couple stores to do some shopping.  I should be able to get some writing time in when I get back home (at the expense of other things that need to get done around here as well – such is life, and my luck).

Best of Luck with Writing everyone (whether doing Camp NaNo or not) —  May the Muse be With You!!!!

Click this link for a quick excerpt from my story – Lost Memory Romance”:


Excerpt 2 from my “Lost Memory Romance” story for #CampNaNoWriMo

Excerpt 2 from “Lost Memory Romance”

Brenda felt as if she was in the middle of some sort of weird dream that bordered on a nightmare.  Everything seemed so surreal, so out of place.  She had woken up to find herself in a hospital room a nurse was standing next to the bed checking her vital signs.  A man that she only vaguely recognized from the accident was sitting in a chair next to the window.  The accident had been the last thing she could really remember…  Everything else before that was as if it had never existed.  The name that the man had used earlier seemed strange on her tongue…  as if it didn’t quite fit and yet it had a strangely familiar ring to it.

#CampNanoWriMo 2015 – Day One

So yesterday was day one for CampNaNoWriMo (which reminds me, I should really get my “Camp” participation badge added to my sidebar)….

So, anyway, back to day one….

I hate to say, I’ve already started out with a bit of deficit.   If calculations are correct (and according to chart on Camp Nano) I need to write approximately 646 words per day (and that’s assuming I write every single day of July) in order to reach my goal of 20,000 by the end of Camp…  I only got about 503 words in yesterday.  I’d need to write 789 words today to catch up and (sadly) I didn’t get any writing done this morning – my usual writing time.  Hoping I can get some writing time in later today after going with hubby to labs and food shopping.

See what I wrote about Day One at Camp NaNo last year {this was done on my personal blog before I had moved my “writing” related stuff over here to a new blog}.

Best of Luck with Writing everyone (whether doing Camp NaNo or not) —  May the Muse be With You!!!!

Excerpt 1 from my “Lost Memory Romance” story for #CampNaNoWriMo

For starters the title “Lost Memory Romance” is a working title, for now…  I am terrible at coming up with good titles and that was the best I could come up with for the time-being…  I might keep it, I might change it – I don’t know yet.

So here’s a a few piece of what I wrote today.  Do keep in mind that this is still VERY rough

Brenda Muller took a quick glance at her one year old daughter, sleeping soundly in her car seat, before returning her eyes to the lonely road in front of them.  It seemed as if an eternity had passed since Brenda, and her baby girl Nellie, had started off on this cross-country trek.  In reality it hadn’t even been a full 48 hours. But those 48 hours had been brutal for Brenda….

Behind them, Brenda towed a small trailer (the smallest they could get) that held all the essential belongings they could fit into it.  Everything else they owned had been sold so they would have money for this one-way trip.  A one-way trip back home to Harbor where Brenda hoped to make a new start with her daughter.

Brenda could feel the exhaustion settling over her, despite having splurged on  a large soda at the last rest stop.  If she could just make it those last two hours…..

I’ve Gone and Done It

you know the song – Love gets me everytime  (“I gol’ darn gone and done it”)

Well I’ve gone and done it…  No,  Not fallen in love.  I’ve gone and signed myself up for Camp NaNoWriMo  for the second year running.  I just got invited into a cabin too, the same cabin I was in last year – WHOOT WHOOT. So excited to be back with my cabinmates.  Nervous too.  When I was asked if I was going to be joining again at first, I wasn’t sure –  I went back and forth wondering if I should take the plunge again.  When I did decide to go ahead and take that proverbial leap off the high board I went in (signed up) with no real idea what direction to go.  I had already done a “short story romance”- pantser style – last year and didn’t want to repeat.  Then the idea came to me….  “Lost Memory Romance”  That’s going to be the working title anyway (It might get changed later, who knows).  I have a synopsis written but, beyond that, have no real firm direction to the story.  Bits and pieces are in mind but the problem is going to be putting it all together into something that resembles a cohesive story.  Wish me luck…. I’ll need it.  And stay tuned as I share more of my Camp NaNoWrMo journey.

My Profile on Camp NaNoWriMo

Reached My Goal at #CampNanoWriMo

I did it!!  🙂  I reached my word count goal.

Camp Nano 2014-Winner-Facebook-Cover


Even got a nifty little certificate:

camp nano winner_certificate_2014

Only thing is, my name isn’t on it…. But that was what was there after I validated my word count this morning.

OK so a 15K Word goal in a one month period of time may not sound like much (and I’m by no means ready to take on the November NaNo’s 50K word limit minimum), but it’s better than I thought I’d do.

Originally  I had thought to go with an extremely modest 300 word a day goal, which would have come to 9,300  words for the month, but even the (more laid-back) July Camp had a minimum limit of 10,000 words.  that came to about 325 words a day (not much more than the 300 I had originally planned) so I set my goal to that and set to work.  I was doing so reaching my daily goal  (and often surpassing it)  that, about a week in,  I thought I’d raise the bar a bit on myself and go for 15,000 – Still a modest number at just under 500 words a day (incidentally that is the the count we look for in the Writer Wednesday Blog Hop submissions).

Let me break in for a moment with the math for Camp NaNo in November:

50K Words for the month divided by 30 days in November  Comes to…. between 1,666 and 1667 words each day

I don’t know how people do that…  Over 1,000 words each day  (I’m lucky if I manage the time to reach close to 1,000) .  Heaven forbid I were to miss a day in there for whatever reason – I’d be in serious doo doo.

I’ve been asked (even encouraged) by some to try out the Camp NaNo…  to which I think I’ll have to pass (for the reason mentioned above); Not to mention I think you are expected to have an actual WIP for a novel (which I don’t).  Will I be at Camp NaNo next year??  I make no promises this early in the game….  But yeah, sure,  I’ll probably give it a go again.  Not sure what my project will be (have to play that one by ear).

Having a goal to strive for was nice,  but more than that having a place to update your count and “stats” that showed where you were at (and where you needed to be  to reach your goal on time) really helped keep me on track.   And the awesome cabin-mates to support and cheer each other on.   No, there wasn’t anyone physically standing over me forcing me to write or update my word count,  but  I still felt obligated to find time to  write (or in my case type) each day  and update daily.  In my mind, it wasn’t just something I could just blow off (and get to another some other time)…  It was something I had to get done.

I still have a hard time calling myself a writer, but doing this whole Camp NaNo thing has given me a bit of confidence.  I don’t see myself putting together a novel or nothing, but (with what I got written) maybe I can put together a short book of short story romances.  I’ve got the thought of putting together a selection of poems I’ve written as well as a selection of (I’ll call them short story, but they’re really shorter than that) pieces done for the weekly WWBH.

If you missed out on going to Camp NaNo this year because you weren’t sure  you had what it took…  Best advice I can give is —  Take A Chance and GO FOR IT!!!

#CampNaNoWriMo — Nearing the End

Time goes by so quick and my time at Camp NaNoWriMo is nearing  the end.  I had meant to blog about the experience more often but time never seemed to be on my side.  It seemed everything I could do to find a good chunk of time each day to sit down and write….  In fact, that’s one of the the thoughts I had the other day…  Once I get going I can come up with a fairly good amount to write.  Maybe not in the thousands, but at least 500, maybe even up towards a thousand.  The hard part, for me, is finding the  uninterrupted time in which to write and (more importantly) get a flow going.  I have found that it sometimes takes a little while for me to get warmed up and get going on my writing.

I’ve actually had a number of random thoughts going through my mind when it came to  the whole NaNoWriMo experience (as well as writing in general).  Early on, I had made the (somewhat rash) decision to up my word count.  Almost immediately I was left wondering why the hell I had done that and what the heck I had been thinking.  Wouldn’t you know that as soon as I start feeling good and confident, because I’m way above my daily goals and all that,  I end up with several days where I either missed writing all together or barely got any done (we’re talking maybe a couple hundred words at best).  The good news is I did get caught up and even seem to be running ahead of my goal a slight bit.

As for  what I’m writing?  Well it’s really just a hodge-podge of samplings that are all romance-based.  Right now my writings are pretty much all over the place but it’s a start that perhaps can lend itself to something more cohesive.  I can’t say what it is but something about joining the camp and having word count goals that you continually update, as well as cabin-mates with which to be accountable to, that makes you really dig deep and get that writing done… Now if I can just keep to it after camp is over.