Twittering Tales – #46 and #47

Tweaked my words to get the 140 character requirement…  Only to realize I was doing it on last weeks post – So here it is:

The lighting was totally perfect but they would only have one chance, one shot at getting a perfect picture… Places everyone, and Action!….

And this weeks I’m afraid it wasn’t as good as the one I inadvertantly did for last week – LOL.

One by one he organized the marbles. By size, then color, tossing the multi-colored ones. 

“Why do you toss those?”

“They don’t fit in”


Friday Fictioneer for August 25, 2017 – That Special Women

Been a while since I’ve tried my hand at doing a Friday Fictioneers challenge, and I know I’m falling way behind on getting this one in.

Here is our photo prompt – courtesy of Jan Wayne Fields:

The goal being to write a complete story (beginning, middle, end) in 100 words or less.

Warning: sexual inuendo – nothing graphic just inuendo.


Darren put the finishing touches on the picnic table. He wanted this evening to be special, to be perfect. Never before had it been so important to him to have everything just right.

Heck, most women he knew he would of just bedded in some hotel room, or maybe there house, not giving it a second thought. But not Julie. For the first time in his life, Darren knew what true love really meant. He wanted everything for Julie, wanted to give her the world. Wanted her in his life like he had wanted no other.

Thousands of Miles Away – response to “What Pegman Saw”

Molly hugged her knees to her chest as she stared out across the ocean. Clutched in her hand was the latest letter from Brad. Soon he’d be heading. He had written how he was looking forward to seeing her.

Molly hadn’t seen him since the day they had graduated high school. After graduation she had gone off to college. and Brad had joined the military, so she’d heard. It wasn’t till she’d moved back home and ended up running into Brad’s brother that she had ended up getting in touch with him again
She wondered if he at all felt for her the way she did for him. Or, as was usually the case, was it all one-sided.

Thousands of miles away, Brad was preparing to go home. Tucked safely in his pocket was a photograph that Molly had sent. He couldn’t wait to see her, to tell her how he felt.

The above story was inspired by this photograph.  

See more about the challenge at “What Pegman Saw

The following artwork (of my mother’s) also inspired parts of this story.


#100WW – Week 23: Oppressive Air

The street was darker than usual as Rosinda made her way towards the Diner where she worked the night shift.

The lights from the sign flickered off and on as she reached for the door. The air felt odd somehow, oppressive. For a moment she considered leaving.

Giving herself a mental shake, Rosinda opened the door. She then noticed the immaculate, well dressed man sitting at one of the booths watching her as if he was familiar with her. And yet she had never seen him before. Nonetheless, she somehow she felt drawn to him.

“Rosinda, can you get table 11”

The above story was written for 100 Word Wednesday using the below photographImage Credit Jesse Williams

2 Minute Write – Perhaps you should come in.

My 2 Minite story:  {Doing this from my iphone using the 1 finger touch-type method ūüėā}.

“Are you okay?” Jason asked with concern, noticing that Megan was suddenly looking pale.

Megan nodded slightly, “I think so.”

“You sure?” Jason asked, not completely convinced, resting his hand against Megan’s arm as she began to sway a bit… “Perhaps you’d better come on and sit down a bit”.

Yeah, I think maybe you’re….

Megan never got the rest of the sentence out… Suddenly her legs were buckling out from underneath her.  Jason’s quick reaction keeping her from collapsing to the ground as he caught her mid-fall.

“Hey Roger, Mark, get in here now!” Jason called into the station as he carried Megan in lying her gently on the floor.

Flash Fiction Writing – Reunion at the Train Station

Photo Credit Dawn Miller

Jeff watched and waited while streams of people spilled forth from the gateway, his eyes peeled for one particular person. As more and more people exited he began to wonder if he had the right train. Glancing down at the piece of paper on which he had written down the information his friend Tanya had given him, he saw that he had the correct day, correct time, correct train.

He wondered if Molly still remembered him after all these years. It had been a long time since they had last seen each other and even then they had never really been good friends, never really known each other that well. Something Jeff hoped to change this time around.

His thoughts went to some of the memories he had of Molly. She had been young and flighty at the time but still full of life and vivaciousness. Tanya had mentioned that she had been through some tough times recently.

Continuing to watch his eyes fell on a woman that matched with the one in the photo Tanya had shown him.  

Suddenly feeling nervous, Jeff slowly approached the woman….


The woman turned around, her lips slowly turning in a soft smile.


This Micro-Story was written for the Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writer Challenge – Week of February 21, 2017

2 Minute Write

2 Minute Write is hosted by JD Mader.  Here is  my story…

Becky stopped to take a photo.  The next thing she knew, she was face down in the dirt her hands wrenched behind her.  A knee in her back kept her from moving.

Wait, please, let me explain…  Becky’s teeth chattered from together from nerves and she was nearly hyper-ventilating.

Daily Prompt: The Masked Admirer

Decided to do a short story on today’s Daily Prompt by TheDaily Post – Mask .  I’m afraid I could not think of a better title for my little story.


“May I have this dance, M’Lady”  A gentleman, wearing an exotic mask, asked with a sweeping bow.

“Only if you will but pay the price to dance with a fair maiden.” Emily replied, trying not to giggle at her own words.

“That I shall, if the price be but a single white rose.”  The gentleman produced a single white rose from behind his back, bowing once more as he extended the rose.
Emily accepted with a curtsy.  “I must ask who you might be?” For every one present wore a mask.  I will reveal this to you, but first a dance.  

The gentleman extended his hand for Emily to take.   Taking his hand, Emily allowed herself to be led on to the dance floor.  One dance led to another, which led to another.

“you promised to reveal yourself to me after a dance”Emily said as they walked off the dance floor.

“I did, and I shall” the gentleman replied.  Turning to face he, he lifted the mask.  Emily let out a gasp of surprise to find Jason standing in front of her.  Surely if he knew who she was he never would have danced with her.  Part of her wished to let him think what he wished, but the other knew that honesty must prevail.  Besides, he had revealed himself to her and she must do the same.

With a heavy heart and downcast eyes, Emily lifted her mask.  After several monents she lifted her eyes slightly expecting to be left standing alone.  But to her surprise, Jaso  was still standing in front of her.  

“You didn’t have to reveal yourself, for I knew who you were from the beginning”

“And yet you still ask me to dance” Emily responded.

“Why wouldn’t I” Jason asked.

“Because most guys avoid me like the plague” Emily replied.

“Well This is one guy who isn’t planning on doing so.”

Leaning forward, Jason placed a single soft, gentle kiss against Emily’s lips before replacing her mask and, once again, leading her onto the dance floor wear a slow sultry number played.

Back Again – A Budding Relationship (A Sunday Photo Fiction story)


I know it’s been quite a while since I’ve written anything. ¬†I’d like to try and change that & get back to trying my hand at some “writing challenges” if I can. ¬†I figured I’d start with an entry to this week’s Sunday Photo Fiction challenge. ¬†The story should be about 200 words long and the photo below is to get our creative juices going.
122 09 September 20th 2015

Melinda, held the tiny pink rose bud, that she had found shoved into the vent holes of her locker,  as she read the note that had been attached.

“A beautiful budding rose to an equally beautiful young women signifying what I hope will be a start to a budding relationship.”

There was no name, no signature to be found. ¬†Melinda wondered who could have written the note and left the rosebud. ¬†She tried to think through possibilities but none readily came to mind. ¬†There was the guy that sat next to her in lab who smiled at her once in a while when she’d first sit down, but outside of that he never spoke to her or nothing. ¬†Her mind also went to the younger of the two main security guards that she saw frequently patrolling the campus ground. ¬†Just as quickly she dismissed that idea. ¬†Greg was an outspoken sort who was constantly teasing her; Certainly not the type to put roses with notes attached in a person’s locker.

The next day she found another rosebud with yet another note attached.

“Look for me, in the cafeteria, during your lunch break today.”

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Short Excerpt from Lost Memory Romance

Thought I’d share another short excerpt from “Lost Memory Romance”

Jason desperately wanted to say something.  To remind her that she had once stopped by this very station many years ago when he had been little more than a rookie.  She had been working on article for a school paper and had stopped by to see if she could interview a couple of the guys there.  He had happened to be on duty that day.  Jason could still remember the surprise evident in Brenda’s eyes when he opened the door.  He, as well as a couple of the other guys, had answered her questions and then he had given her a quick tour of the station including the bay with engines & trucks.  His breath quickened as he remembered helping her down from the engine.  How she had felt sliding down the length of his body.  For a moment they had stood there staring at each other.  A tell-tale blush on Brenda’s cheek had indicated that she had felt the contact every bit as much as he had.  Whether from embarrassment or to save face, Brenda had quickly gone back to her reason for stopping by in the first place and Jason, once he had discreetly readjusted himself, had done the same leaving the incident unmentioned.