Fires are Burning

Some awesome stories in response to the Prompt.

Carrot Ranch Literary Community

firesWe didn’t start the fire…no, wait, yes we did. We fired up the imagination and penned stories from around the campfire ring. Or about stories that ring us with fire. It’s a fired up subject for flash fiction.

Writers found ways to express stories through flame.

The following flash fiction are based on the November 17, 2016 prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story that is told around a campfire.


Flameout by Bill Engelson

The next morning, Aggie paused on the outskirts of Union City.

The funeral pyre was still smoldering, pumping out rings of foul smoke, smelling of dead flesh and the horror of divine providence.

“We’ll bury Dobbs, Mrs. Runacre,” Hank Taylor had promised, “but for the others, even the flames won’t remove their stain.”

Astride General Grant, bidding farewell, bundled and provisioned for her long ride back to the mountains, she…

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Stuck – A Sunday Photo Fiction short story

Another Writing Challenge by Sunday Photo Fiction.  The rules are to write a 200 word story based on the provided photo.

The photo for this week is shown below:

139 01 January 17th 2016

“My Queen” – A Friday Fictioneer Short Story

I am joining Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ challenge –  Friday Fictioneers – where we are prompted to write a short story of 100 words (with beginning, middle, and end).

Here is my story inspired by the photo below:



Opening the gate, Sasha felt as if she had walked into a different time and place.  Where  withered vines, dead flowers, and silence had greeted  her earlier; Now vines covered with fine gold  and beautiful fragrant flowers stood before her.  The sounds of birds chirping could be heard in the air.

Suddenly there was a flash of white, blinding, light.  When Sasha could see again, she saw a man dressed entirely in white standing before her.  Taking her hand the gentleman brought it to his lips, kissing it. 

“My Queen,” he stated,  “You have arrived.”

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My “2 Minute Story” for January 15,2016

Katie pulled over to the right as she heard sirens coming from somewhere behind her.  She didn’t think much of it as she watched a fire rescue truck go past her.  Even when they turned onto her street, Katie wasn’t really phased.  It wasn’t until she saw them continue on towards where her house was,stopping  in front of her home. Pulling in behind them, Katie slammed her car into park jumping out and running towards her house.  Strong arms  detained her, stopping her forward motion.

This is my 2 minute story for this week.

My Top 5 Viewed Posts in 2015

According to WordPress, here are the top 5 viewed posts on my blog for 2015:

Feeling Like a Failure (Monday Finish the Story) {It is with sadness that I mention Barb’s (host of MFTS) passing – RIP Barb & thanks for inspiring us}.

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2015 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,700 times in 2015. If it were a cable car, it would take about 28 trips to carry that many people.

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Not Just any Tom, Dick or Harry Will Do

A great article on some Name Generators. Don’t know that I’ve used any of these, but have used a couple Name Generating apps on my phone. Baby Name Generators can also be helpful if you’re just looking for a name.

The Call of the Pen

 by warszawianka

What do you think of Gaylord Oglesby as a name?

Umm…depends on who he is.

He’s a serial killer in my book.

Gaylord? You’re kidding.

Yes, Gaylord, what’s wrong with Gaylord?

You’re going to call a serial killer Gaylord.

But no one would suspect him, would they?

I would. It’s no wonder he became a serial killer when his parents named him that.

Gaylord Oglesby

Osvaldo Beauchamp?


Osvaldo Beauchamp

Well, how about Lucius Grubb?

Hmmm…yeah, I like that.

Lucius Grubb it is then.

Ever had that conversation with a friend or fellow writer? A fellow writer will always understand your problem. A friend…well, they’re probably accustomed to your strange questions so they won’t be too surprised.

There are a few random name generators out there on the internet, but I’ve recently discovered two that I think are a cut above the rest.

The first one, Random Name…

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#NaBloPoMo and Ermilia’s “Picture It and Write” Challenge 

So here we are in November, when those brave enough to dare (Not Me) sign up to do the NaNoWriMo (50K words in 30 days – basically write a novel) and others of us (a little less brave) sign up to do 30 blog posts in 30 days (to the tune of one post per day) for NaBloPoMo

  • Since this blog is about writing, I’m going to be writing micro-short stories, mostly for challenges. Today’s writing is going to be for this week’s Picture It and Write 

   Burrowed only for sake of this challenge & blog post 

 Ganita hated her life. She hated the idea that she was royalty, that she had to act in ways befitting to a royal princess. But the worse was that she was destined to marry Lord Victor a man nearly twice her age. Ganita longed to live free, to run and play in the meadows and forest. She didn’t want think about being a good princess and a good wife. And, most importantly, she Did Not want to marry Lord Victor.

#CampNaNoWriMo 2015 – Day 19 (and an apology)


Well I can tell you one thing!! – I’m definitely not in the winner circle here *sigh*.  Haven’t even managed to get to the 5k mark & my original goal was 20K (tho I did lower that to 15K (I believe).  I don’t even want to begin to make excuses (or even try)….  I failed, Plain and Simple – I failed.  Hell even failed at my goal to keep a more steady stream of my “Camp NaNo journey” posts.

#WWBH Says a Sad Good-bye

It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that we (the “Hop Ladies”) of the Writer Wednesday Blog Hop (known by as WWBH) say Good-Bye.  

There is a saying that goes

Seasons come and Seasons go.  

Leanne (one of the WWBH Hop Ladies) from Writings and Ruminations puts it this way

“Sometimes our endeavors are only meant for a season; how long that season lasts, no one really knows until it ends.”

She describes the WWBH season best saying that “WWBH experienced a full and fruitful season”.  And it has…  a good 3 years, at least.  

I do not know the full history of WWBH or when it first began.  I do know that it was the brain child of either Carrie (who ran a blog called Chasing Revery)  or Nicole (who runs The World of My Imagination), who were the original hostesses of the WWBH.  I first joined the WWBH as a host  on July 04, 2012  with the two above mentioned lovely ladies and it wasn’t long before I brought Leanne on board.  

As mentioned earlier, seasons come and go and things change.  I’m sure if I were to go back through my archives I could tell you when it occurred but I find myself fighting to keep eyelids open and the thoughts of a early hour awakening looming over me….  But, as I was saying, things change and both Carrie and Nicole found themselves (for different reasons) needing to step away from and say good-bye to the Writer Wednesday Blog Hop.  

After some discussion, Leanne and I decided we would keep the candle burning so to speak.  It wasn’t long after before Heather (Reading, Writing, Everything) joined us and not long afterwards Debb (Stanton Sunshine) joined us as our newest and latest member.

The four of us have found ourselves being called away in different directions for different reasons.  I think the common denominator, for the most part,  is family but there are other reasons as well – reasons I won’t go into….

Seasons come and Seasons Go, Nothing stays the same.

Perhaps a time will come when it will be a season for WWBh once more.  Until that time comes we wish you all the best that life has to offer and the best in your writing where ever that journey takes you.  Perhaps we will see you around the Blogdom….  Perhaps in one of the other Writing Prompts or Writing Challenges that are out there.

Happy Blogging/Writing and May the Muse be With You

Leanne of Writings and Ruminations

Heather of Reading, Writing, Everything

Debb of Sunshine Stanton

Tena of Taini’s Writings