Story for Random Michelle’s Photo Fiction prompt #77

Kathryn peaked through the blinds, being careful not to make any unnecessary movements or open the blinds to far, looking to see if the black sedan was still outside.

“Please Lord,” she whispered in desperation when she saw that the car was still out there, “Make him go away”. But Kathryn knew Bill wouldn’t just leave. Already he had been sitting outside more than half an hour, despite her friends insistence that she had not seen Kathryn in several days. Bill could be quite stubborn like that when he wanted to be.

Glancing into the other room, Kathryn could see that her baby was still sound asleep. Kathryn offered up another quick prayer that little William would stay asleep for now. Soon enough she’d have to wake him up to buckle him into his carseat in the car which Kathryn had been smart enough to park in her friend’s garage earlier. Everything was loaded and ready to go. The only thing to do now was wait till it was safe to leave. God only knew how long that might be. Thankfully William was still sound asleep.

Another quick glance told her Bill was still outside. With a gasp she realized he was, once again heading for the front door. Catherine quickly retreated to the safety of the other room, from her perch by the window.

“I believe you were told she isn’t here”. Kathryn heard her friend’s husband bellow. “Now I suggest you leave before I call the cops”. She heard Bill utter an expletive followed by the sound of the front door slamming. Moments later an engine revved and took off. Kathryn breathed a sigh of relief.

“You should be safe to leave now”. Harold said after awhile.

300 words exactly

Flash Fiction Writing – Reunion at the Train Station

Photo Credit Dawn Miller

Jeff watched and waited while streams of people spilled forth from the gateway, his eyes peeled for one particular person. As more and more people exited he began to wonder if he had the right train. Glancing down at the piece of paper on which he had written down the information his friend Tanya had given him, he saw that he had the correct day, correct time, correct train.

He wondered if Molly still remembered him after all these years. It had been a long time since they had last seen each other and even then they had never really been good friends, never really known each other that well. Something Jeff hoped to change this time around.

His thoughts went to some of the memories he had of Molly. She had been young and flighty at the time but still full of life and vivaciousness. Tanya had mentioned that she had been through some tough times recently.

Continuing to watch his eyes fell on a woman that matched with the one in the photo Tanya had shown him.  

Suddenly feeling nervous, Jeff slowly approached the woman….


The woman turned around, her lips slowly turning in a soft smile.


This Micro-Story was written for the Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writer Challenge – Week of February 21, 2017

A 5 Line Story – Breather

“Phewww”. Margaret thought taking a deep breath as she wiped the sweat collecting on her forehead.  She knew that cleaning up the studio she had bought would be hard work.  She hadn’t realized it would be this hard.

Giving her back a quick stretch to get the kinks out,  Margaret got back to work scrubbing the walls. To remove years of dirt and grind.

A loud knock against the door got Margarets attention.  Looking up, she saw a uniformed officer standing in the door.  “Ohh Hi officer,” Margaret said, “Is everything okay?”  

“Sure is.  Just stopping by to check on things here.”  The officer replied.  “Ohhh,” he continued, “We’re doing a coffee chat at the coffee house down the street if you’re interested”

“Sure,” Margaret answered as she set her scrubbing pad down and removed the work apron she had been wearing.  “I could use a breather from all this scrubbing and hard work.”

Responding to Patricia’s 5 Line Story challenge – featuring the world “Breather”

#WritingChallenge: FFfAW – January 31, 2017 

Running a week late (my apologies).  Been kind of MIA lately.  Been dealing with some family stuff (I’ll spare you the boring details) as well as trying to get a few things done…  So here’s my story for last week’s challenge (new one comes up tomorrow, I believe).  Be sure and check out Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

The photo to inspire us:

And my story….

Molly watched out her kitchen window as her young son, Jason, splashed about in the puddles created by the latest downpour. “So carefree,” she thought.

Molly wanted to capture that moment. She knew it would soon be coming to an end. Soon she’d have to tell her son that they would have to leave their home. With Jason’s father leaving in the middle of the night, a note on her bedside table saying he just couldn’t take being husband and a father anymore, Molly knew there was no way they could continue to stay where they were at. They would have to move – to where she had no idea.

Molly picked up her phone and snapped a picture of her son as he continued to splash, then with a sigh she called her son inside.

2 Minute Write – 

2 Minute Write

Jennifer searched the (gateway) looking for the new friends she had made online just a couple years earlier.

“Just look for the tallest dude in the area along with the most petite little thing,” she had been told a few days earlier when she had talked to Robert.

“Excuse me,” Jennifer said approaching a couple that seemed to meet the description.    “Robert?  Tabitha?”

“Jennifer!!” the young lady squealed in delight, hugging her,  “I can’t believe you’re finally here”

Jennifer hugged Tabitha back then turned to say hello to robert, giving him a quick hug as well.  It was then that she noticed another guy standing with them.

“You must be Mark,” Jennifer said,  “I’ve heard so much about you.”  

“Yes Ma’am”. Mark replied, “That would be me.”

Friday Fictioneers: Dangerous Storm

Photo Credit: Lucy Fridkin for explicit use of Friday Fictioneers

Jason looked at the sky then over to his partner Roger who also had an eye on the sky. Sure, the sky looked beautiful and peaceful enough, but despite the beauty, they knew that a dangerous storm was brewing. Instantly, there minds went to sisters Angelica and Rene, one of whom was expecting.
“Don’t worry dude,” Roger assured, she’ll be fine. She’s a smart gal. Besides Angelica’s with her so she’s in good hands.

Jason nodded. Still, he felt that much better when they started heading code 3 – Lights & Sirens down the road towards his house.

This is written for Friday Fictioneers hosted, each week, by Rochelle Weisoff-Fields.  Write a complete story in 100 words inspired by the given photo.

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FFfAW Challenge – In The Wrong Hands 

Izzy scooted along the ground through the tall grass searching for the stone, wanting to find it before someone stumbled upon it and it ended up in the wrong hands. Even in the wrong hands of an otherwise innocent person the stone could be dangerous even deadly.

Ahead of her Izzy heard voices and stopped, holding her breath, and waited – willing the others to leave the area. Unfortunately her abilities to control others in this way were weak at best – Not something she had much chance to practice since it was an ability she only ever used when extreme measures warranted… Such as now. Finally, the group of people left the area, commenting that they felt that therevwad another area more interesting to explore.Continuing her search, Izzy finally located the stone. As she picked it up, it began to glow a soft warm green in her hand.

Written for FFfAW Challenge-Week of December 6, 2016 – Unfortunately I couldn’t add the “inspiring” photo for this challenge.  

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Thought I’d do this week’s In Other Words challenge (hosted by Patricia) as a story.  The word she gave us was giving the challenge to write a story or poem in 5 lines or less.  

She had always been considered a kind hearted and giving person.

She was always giving to those in need.

Each day she would make her rounds amongst the homeless passing out jackets & blankets to those who needed them.

Money was of no concern to her. With no family to care for, she needed very little for herself.

Then one day the money was gone and she found herself with nothing… The lady that had been so giving was in need of being given to

Sunday Photo Fiction – Fighting Fires

Barbara couldn’t help but notice the way the weather looked as she vacuumed her living room. Way off in the distance, she could just barely make out the flames of the forest fire they had been called out to. She knew the weather didn’t bode well for her husband and the rest of the hotshots. She could only hope the weather didn’t get too much worse or the boys would be in for a terrible time.

Barbara had thought about asking Jeff to sit this one out. She had had a bad feeling and didn’t want him to go. In the end she had swallowed her concerns and let him go… No way she could hold him back from something that was so much a part of him. As he left to “go to work”, Barbara could only pray for him and the rest of the guys, pray for their safety, pray for the quick cessation of the fires they were trying to fight.

Now, as she looked out the window, Barbara prayed once more for her husband and for the rest of the crew.

The above story was inspired by the following photo.

And was written for the Sunday Photo Fiction 

Fires are Burning

Some awesome stories in response to the Prompt.

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firesWe didn’t start the fire…no, wait, yes we did. We fired up the imagination and penned stories from around the campfire ring. Or about stories that ring us with fire. It’s a fired up subject for flash fiction.

Writers found ways to express stories through flame.

The following flash fiction are based on the November 17, 2016 prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story that is told around a campfire.


Flameout by Bill Engelson

The next morning, Aggie paused on the outskirts of Union City.

The funeral pyre was still smoldering, pumping out rings of foul smoke, smelling of dead flesh and the horror of divine providence.

“We’ll bury Dobbs, Mrs. Runacre,” Hank Taylor had promised, “but for the others, even the flames won’t remove their stain.”

Astride General Grant, bidding farewell, bundled and provisioned for her long ride back to the mountains, she…

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